#1 in Woodland Sprinkler Repair and Installation

a system optimized by our Woodland sprinkler repair teamHave you been waiting for the right time to invest in a new sprinkler system for your home? Well we've got news for you - the right time is now. Our Woodland sprinkler repair team specializes in sprinkler repair, installation, and retrofits that will help keep your lawn green and your trees alive. We can perform a water audit to see where your current sprinkler line could use some TLC - maybe you've got a leaky pipe or a sprinkler head that isn't properly calibrated. Whatever it is that you need, our sprinkler repair crew in Woodland, CA, can take care of it for you.

Sprinkler Maintenance & Irrigation Repair in Woodland, CA

Regular sprinkler maintenance is extremely important - and often overlooked. You can't just expect to turn your sprinkler system on every summer and have it work perfectly if you didn't take steps to maintain it during the winter. Our team can perform sprinkler maintenance for your Woodland, CA home or business.

or team can do seasonal tune upsWe offer:

  • Winterization
  • Blow outs
  • Seasonal tune ups

Would you rather spend a little money now, or a lot of money later? The answer is obvious. If you want to have a sprinkler system that lasts longer and provides you with the best irrigation coverage, then you need to invest in regular tune ups and sprinkler maintenance services. Call our Woodland, CA sprinkler repair team today.

Sprinkler Upgrades

Guess what? You don't have to install a brand new sprinkler system to get top of the line water-saving technology. When you invest in a sprinkler upgrade or retrofit, we'll take your current sprinkler system and improve it, allowing it to run better than ever before.a recently installed sprinkler head

When you call us for sprinkler upgrades in Woodland, CA, we'll inspect the following:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Irrigation lines
  • Zoning
  • Coverage area
  • Existing drip line
  • Watering schedule
  • All connections, valves, and moving parts

Once we've established the efficiency of your current system, we can then create a customized sprinkler upgrade plan for you. This might involve installing a rain sensor or smart controller, or upgrading your sprinkler heads to high efficiency nozzles like the Hunter MP Rotator Head.

Water Conservation

Now more than ever, water conservation is a big point of concern for our California customers. Water conservation isn't just about knowing the right time to run your sprinklers (it's in the morning, FYI) - it's about having a sprinkler system that is optimized right down to the very last sprinkler nozzle.